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Corporate Gifting is a powerful Marketing strategy to grow one’s business, foster the business relationship and make a healthy business and corporate environment on a larger scale. It works as a perfect blend of marketing strategies and a token of respect given to the clients, employees and customers and hence it has a sentiment attached to it. Hence, one has to be very careful while offering some corporate gifts, as it involves both the business ethics and individual sentiments. Corporate gifts are generally ordered in bulk amounts to be gifted to a large mass within the business. But before ordering some bulk gifts, one must always keep in mind that it has lots of limits and restrictions put upon it, as it’s a sensitive strategy used for evaluating and leveraging business relationships. Furthermore, Corporate Gifting becomes a sensitive issue as there are lots of factors to be taken care of while someone is deciding to give official gifts to clients, customers or employees.

This process involves official people; the people who are related to your everyday work, handle important business deals, and those whom you want your products and services to be sold to. So, be it clients, customers or even employees and staffs, all are a vital part of the business and needs special attention to their choices, preference as a slight mistake can create a negative impression. Even if they are near and dear ones, they are tied in official relation with the giver. Hence, one must be very careful and considerate while indulging in corporate gifting.

Different Companies or Institutions have their separate rules and norms of corporate gifting. However, there are basic Corporate Gifting ethics and etiquettes that makes a safe, sensible and effective gifting in the corporate world!

Let’s sum up the most vital ones:

Company Policies: The first thing that one gift giver and the recipient has to check is the company Policies they have in order to give or accept corporate gifts. In certain sectors and industries, the gift-giving is restricted. For example, in some countries or regions, gifts are allowed to be neither given nor accepted in some industries, like the insurance sector, medicine sector, financial services and so on.

Timing: Unlike personalized gifts, the Corporate Gifting has to be conscious of the proper time to offer gifts. Gifting at the wrong time can cause adverse effects on the reputation or profitability of the company. For instance, Gifting must be avoided during the Bidding process.

Be appropriate regarding gifts:

Gifting can be sensitive if it’s sent without being specific about the reasons for sending gifts. The recipient can take it in a completely wrong way.
For example: If the reason is not explained to the recipient, he or she may take it as a bribe offer, which may turn the good thing go bad. Furthermore, one should be very attentive while offering gifts to the boss or the opposite sex.

Types of gifts:

Now there are various types of corporate gifts available in the market. But one has to be very specific with the gift prototypes as to who is the gift for? What are the gift preferences of the client? If possible notice what your client, customers or employees like. Note down their choices. Moreover, it is always preferable to give useful gifts that the recipient can put to use, or it’s worth remembering. For example, it’s pretty inconsiderate and insensitive to give your employees a five star rated dinner coupons where they are earning minimal wages and all they need is a proper work-life balance. Rather, a shopping voucher, cash voucher or gift card can put an effective impression.

Speaking about effectual impression, here comes one of the main motive of your gifting: the branding and marketing of your products. It helps in pulling new and longtime customers and also aids in retaining the trust of the clients. So the effective gifting really matters to set a profitable business relationship.
You might consider putting your Company logo on the gift to give a hint of your brand. But again, you have to be careful with over advertising, which may draw a bad conclusion of flaunting or overexposing of your brand. Make sure if you are putting a company logo, it’s not filled with it on all over the gift.

Cost of gifting: Costs play an important role in corporate gifting. As it’s not any personal gift given from one individual to the other, it bears company costs. Moreover, it’s preferable to give bulk gifts to avoid looking preferential.
The gifts should neither be too expensive nor too cheap.
Both cases can lead to a bad impression
Too much of an expensive gift can create an image of bribery. Whereas, too inexpensive gifts can look cheap.

Presentation of the gift:

Corporate Gifts, of course, will go by the presentation or packaging. A personalized corporate gift gives a personal touch to the presents offered. The name of the clients, or the company’s logo or a little ‘Thank You’ or the purpose of the gift engraved in short, with an eye-catching gift packaging can make the gift more valuable and worthwhile.
The aforementioned corporate gifting ethics and etiquettes prepare us for tons of consequences that might happen if corporate gifting is done properly or improperly. Hence, it is of paramount importance to question the limits of corporate gifting under certain factors and those parameters draw the fine line between the right way and the improper way of offering gifts.

It is always safe to go with the guidelines of the company and follow their norms for corporate gifting. If you don’t know properly about the company’s rules and regulations, it’s always better to ask the Human Resource Department before giving or accepting gifts. Besides, Corporate gifts can be ordered in bulk, for example, Tanushh, the leading corporate gifting manufacturer in Dubai offers bulk orders and pioneers in Corporate gifting & customized giveaways. It provides a huge range of corporate gifts that help clients support their business, promote trade, organize events, aids in occasional gifting and ensures a healthy and strong business relationship. Tanushh, the leading corporate gifting and customized giveaways company hence is worth reliable. So if you are in Dubai, one of the largest business hubs in the world, your one of your most urgent need of corporate gifting is to be fulfilled by Tanushh.

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