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Do You Customize Your Corporate Gifts?

There are those who swear by customizing corporate gifts. There are also an almost equal number of people who feel that customizing gifts make them too commercial and frivolous. They feel that branding gifts take away the veil of well wishes and make them seem like something that is being given to attain something. While such thoughts cannot be dismissed outright, there are many reasons why customizing gifts go beyond such petty views against this practice.

For starters, when you customize your corporate gifts you convert the gift into a kind of a calling card. You don’t give out calling cards with any other intention except for hoping that you will get a callback. After all, there is nothing harm in informing someone who wants to use a product or service that your brand sells them. If anything, this is making things convenient for the receiver of the calling card instead of being something that causes any unwanted stress. The same goes for corporate gifts. You offer them with your brand name stenciled on them to make it easier for the receiver to locate you when they need you.

In a cut-throat world of business, there is no harm in offering a small token of appreciation for keepsake. This entire concept of corporate gifts is about conveying a sense of friendliness and togetherness. This cuts through the sharp edges of profit and loss. Do you really seriously think that corporate gifts are something that has any real value only in a strictly monetary sense? Every receiver of such gifts can buy them on the open market easily! So why do they appreciate your gesture of offering such gifts? It is because there is something friendly and good about this practice. And you know that every gift goes with a name card to identify itself, just like a customized corporate gift.

When you customize corporate gifts, you tell the receiver that you want them to know it’s you. And it’s not some random gift that has landed on their desk one fine morning! This personal touch is essential to build up long-term business relationships. General corporate gifts, without a customized branding, cannot claim to be a representative of your brand to the receiver. It is only the brand logo and name that serves the purpose of a corporate gift in all its glory.

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