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Best Promotional Products

What Are The Best Promotional Products For Your Business

The calendar is about to change in a few months and it would be wise to start reviewing your marketing strategies now. The best promotional products from the past years have made their way yet again with gadgets and gizmos being popular as ever, while the drinkware category is topping the list yet again. Custom promotional products are cost-effective; secondly, you can build your very own package consisting of several unique promotional items.

Companies are becoming fond of the positive effect these unique promotional items have on their audience, whether employees or the clientele. With time, businesses have realized that the best promotional products are only those which have been subtly customized. Nobody prefers receiving over-the-top custom promotional products. It feels like being slapped in the face with the company’s logo!

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Having said that, let’s have a closer look at unique promotional items emerging this year’s marketing scene:

Mobile Phone Peripherals

As of 2019, statistics have revealed that a whopping 2.71 billion people use smartphones, which makes every third person own one. Considering this revelation, companies offering unique promotional items such as useful phone accessories meet the essential criteria of utility and value to the recipient. Chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, phone covers, and cases are the best promotional products to hand out but remember to invest in quality or it may tarnish the image of your company.

Coffee Mugs

The most popular in the drinkware category besides bottles and sippers, coffee mugs are an inexpensive option when it comes to giving away unique promotional items. Coffee mugs in the matte finish are taking the scene by storm making them the most loved promotional giveaway. There is a plethora of options available in shapes, sizes, colors, the material they are made of, etc. Popular categories include ceramic and porcelain mugs, metallic mugs, plastic, insulated, travel mugs and so on.

Memory Sticks

An old favorite, USBs and pen drives make for the best promotional products that are cheap and with the likelihood of being useful for a lifetime. In this era of technological advancement, there is a potential of these devices to be used in the years to come. From various storage capacities, they can also be customized in various shapes and designs. Get your logo embossed, and you are good to go! Tanushh.com is the pioneer in corporate gifts in Dubai and recommends these USB drives.

Multifunctional Items

People tend to love promotional products that offer maximum utility. The general consumer trend is inclined towards minimalism and downscaling. Items that fulfill two or more than two purposes appeal to the audience instantly and are therefore regarded as the best promotional products.

Desktop Accessories & Stationery Items

The trend of desktop organizers and stationery supplies can never fade away and are re-emerging on the promotional giveaway scene. Quality continues to be a key factor, so it is advisable to invest in few but quality products, rather than giving away items of lesser value.

It is predicted that mousepads, coasters, phone-stands, music speakers will continue to rise this year. Most companies are welcoming their employees and clients with custom promotional products that are a curated package of useful items, certainly not the mundane desk accessories being used for the past decade.

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