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Why Corporate Gifts Make a Difference


In marketing parlance, there is an aspect called ‘drip campaign’. It is a concerted effort made by a corporate identity to keep their business associates in close touch by dropping them the occasional email or phone call. The idea is to keep business leads warm so that they can be monetized later to boost sales. While the two channels of keeping leads active and effective mentioned here, the email and phone call, are used extensively, brands and companies need to go beyond that. Corporate gifts are now very much in vogue, for various reasons.

The foremost reason should definitely be the fact that when you offer personalized corporate gifts to business associates, clients and partners, you are actually reinforcing your brand’s name. It is not a personal gift which you offer on occasions of birthdays and anniversaries! The receiver understands the reason very well, as to why the gift with your brand logo stenciled on it stands on their table. It is an accepted mode of conducting business, along with promoting a brand. Surveys have shown that the brand recall with corporate gifts is quite high, raising the possibility of such gifts leading to a spurt in business as well.

Gifts work as bridges. When you offer gifts for the purpose of promoting your brand and company, you are actually making the receiver feel that you value their association with your company. In a world of tough business decisions, such personal touches surely make a strong and long-lasting impression. Your effort in picking the gift provided it is something of value and not just a showpiece, will reflect clearly on how much you acknowledge the value that the receiver of the gift brings to the table. It is a clear case of appreciating and valuing business contacts.

There is another strong reason why corporate gifts are much popular these days: to stay ahead of the curve! In the business sense, you need to nose ahead of your competitors not just in providing better products, services and customer care, but also in soft skills like maintaining healthy professional relations with associated business partners. Corporate gifts go a long way in establishing that. If you pick up thoughtful gifts from the number one corporate gift supplier in Dubai, Tanushh, you will make a strong point in the favor of your brand or company.

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