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Why Should I Buy Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts for My Business.

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Corporate gifts are crucial for any business and aid in reaching out to more people. It is a cost-efficient way of marketing and promoting their business to a larger audience, besides the staff and clients.

Increasing Brand Recall

A study by PPAI reveals that 83% of consumers like receiving branded giveaways and corporate promotional gift items. This study also disclosed that 58% of the surveyed consumers keep those corporate gifts for a year to four and a whopping 89% actually remember the name of the business long after they have received corporate promotional gift items. There is a sure-shot chance of an increase in referrals from people who are satisfied with the branded giveaways. These eye-opening statistics emphasize the importance of corporate gifts for the purpose of brand recognition and marketing of businesses in the prevailing competitive world.

In order to build a firm base of customer loyalty, companies buy promotional items to give maximum exposure to their business. Users often associate the quality of your products with the quality of your business. So, it would be considered wise to opt for branded giveaways. If you are tight on budget, you can choose non-branded corporate gifts but make sure to keep quality control in mind when planning to buy promotional items.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Besides promoting a business, there are other benefits of giving out corporate promotional gift items. One of these is the instant brand recognition they provide to the company. Customers can easily identify your business when they catch the sight of your logo. The moment people spot your company’s logo, they can immediately recall the name of your business and what it does. Brand recognition is a key reason why most businesses opt to buy promotional items.

There are several companies offering uncountable options if you are on the lookout to buy promotional items for your business. Peacock Dubai is one of the most popular gift items companies in Dubai offering creative giveaway ideas for businesses. A famous online store from where you can buy promotional items is Tanushh.com.

Why Should I Buy Promotional Items
Promotional items are a great option to raise brand awareness, reward your customers and engage your employees. Shop from our broad selection of corporate gifts and buy promotional products online.

Life & Utility Of Promotional Items

Studies have reported that users tend to keep corporate gifts with them for an average of 6.6 months. If you distributed branded giveaways at your event, chances are you will be remembered throughout the time the product is with them. A billboard or newspaper advertisement may pass through your eyes in a few seconds, but corporate promotional gift items are likely to be retained in your memory for a longer span of time. Corporate gifts also serve as business cards for your company, with better results, since they introduce your business to potential prospects.

Most companies prefer to buy promotional items that can be commonly used by those on the receiving end. Enterprises who cannot afford large scale advertising campaigns, usually prefer to buy promotional items as a way to promote their business. This is a cost-effective way of marketing which is often deployed by small as well as large scale companies. The market nowadays possesses a plethora of low-cost corporate gifts for startups to help in mass distribution in a budget-friendly manner. The prices are low but have a considerable impact on the receiving end and are sure to win customers.

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