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New Year Corporate Gift Ideas


Now that the New Year and the holiday season is past us and people are slowly getting back to their desks, it is time for companies and firms to show some appreciation for the hard work put in by employees throughout the year. What’s more, receiving gifts at a time when their morale and spirits are a little low, thanks to the termination of the holiday season, will surely cheer them up. A well-chosen gift this time around will also act as a well-timed one.

Here are some quality New Year corporate gift ideas that you can use to welcome your employees back to the office and cheer them up:

Clock and Picture Frames:

These are items that your employees will keep on their desks as they work. You may ask what need is a clock when there’s one on the wall, or on their computer screen. But have you noticed how often you look at your wrist-watch while working? We all need our own clock to run on our own time, keeping personal deadlines. Picture frames are important as they remind us of our family and friends, the joys of our life, making work enjoyable.


Diaries and Organizers:

Every employee needs a personalized diary and organizer. They need these essential items to keep track of their daily work. While attending meetings and taking down important points, these diaries work wonders. Organizers ensure that your employees don’t miss a deadline because they were unsure about the date! Diaries and organizers are time-tested items that really fit well with employees.


Important sections in a project report or data sheet needs to be highlighted so that people can look at the essential sections without having to read through the entire thing. Moreover, if you have highlighted points on your page, you can check quickly the crucial points while talking at meetings. Highlighters are excellent gift ideas that way.

Pen Holders:

Another classic gift idea for employees is pen holders. They stay on the desks of employees and hold sundry items like pens, highlighters, scissors or paper knives. The good part about classical gift ideas is that they never go wrong, no matter what the time and era. Pens are no longer much used due to the digital revolution but they still look good in pen holders on the work stations.
These corporate gift ideas will help you motivate employees this New Year!


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