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Promotional Gifts for Corporate Events


It is important for companies and brands to conduct events for promotional purposes. The key idea of these events is to engage potential customers, clients and the existing clientele as well. During these events, companies have to offer token gifts that will help the receivers recall the name of the brand or company. As you can understand, these gifts are giveaway items and no brand will offer expensive gifts in this stream. However, it does not mean that you cannot offer innovative gift items during these events.

At Tanushh, promotional gifts are available at excellent price tags and you can make bulk purchases. What’s more, we will help you get these items branded with the help of your brand. We understand that you want these promotional gifts to make an impression on the receiver but also keep it light on your pocket. After all, you can never be sure how many of them will turn up for your corporate event. The more the merrier! At the same time, you wouldn’t want them to miss out on promotional gifts because your stocks got over!

Some of the wonderful gift items on our website tanussh.com include caps and wrist bands, along with lanyards. These are sporty items that people will love to have, more so during the hot Dubai summer. A great item to offer is the stress ball. Almost everyone in a professional sphere has stress to deal with and these balls can be particularly useful as stress busters. Key rings may sound like a cliché but they are still quite effective as promotional gifts. People always require key rings for their personal use and if not anything, they can have them lying around on their tables, reminding them of your brand.

Pin badges can be excellent promotional gifts as well. Yes, you know that almost no one will pin them on their clothes, but they will keep them in their pockets or bags. When these badges have attractive slogans and designs, they make cool promotional gifts. You can get in touch with us to design some pin badges for your brand or give us a design that you want us to use on the badges. When the idea is to attract attention, you can surely get innovative!

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