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Event promotion and event organization plays a huge part in attracting potential clients and customers. Hence event management along with event-oriented corporate gift giving is an important part of the marketing strategy. Whatever the purpose of the events, the event organizing Company must ensure a hundred percent satisfactory remark that must come from the clients or guests or customers invited to the event.

Corporate gifting on such occasion boosts up a business relationship and helps retaining positive remarks on that Company. Therefore corporate gifting for event promotion is a brownie point for those who offer goodies on such occasions. Now there are so many essential things that can be offered during the corporate events. Some of them can be just a souvenir, some can be functional items, even some can be for promotional purposes. These special event based gifts are generally ordered in bulk amount, supplied by corporate gifting companies. Though it’s hard to find some reliable sources, in Dubai, one can trust upon Tanushh, the leading corporate gifting and customized giveaways company.

The event-centric corporate gifts differ upon various factors, such as the purpose of the events, the type of the events, the types of gift receivers attending the event, the location, the marketing or branding strategy and much more. Well, if you are to offer such gifts, there are a pool of event gifting solutions to choose from.

Let’s see some of the most highly preferred corporate gifts for event promotion:

Writing Instruments:

Pen is preferred to be one of the most sophisticated gifts that can be offered in a corporate or business field. It’s handy, stylish, speaks for class and no doubt it’s absolutely functional. It can also be customized and used for the company promoting purpose. A Company name or logo can be printed on the body of the pen, and it will work as your marketing tool.


Keyrings comes under daily essential needs in every person’s life at this era. It’s easy to carry along and made to hold many of your important keys at one place. The option for Customization or personalization is always available when it comes to keyrings. A brand logo, or a little note, event name, event date or event purpose – anything can be printed upon it and can be offered as a gift. Your company or brand will be a good reminder to your clients, employees or customers when they will put the Keyrings to use.

Pin Badges:

Pin Badges can be a cool idea as a corporate gift. However, have a research on your gift receivers’ perspective if it’s okay to gift pin badges. Add a slogan to it for a more effective branding and watch your clients carry it as a style statement.
T-Shirts or Uniforms:

Who wouldn’t be happy if offered a nice cozy T-shirt? Moreover, it works perfectly to showcase and do marketing of your brand.


One of the trendy stuff you can gift your clients and customers on any event is nothing but a cap. It’s customizable, handy and useful at times. So put your thinking caps on and utilize this awesome gifting idea.

Wrist Bands:

A funky fashion accessory, a warm gesture to your clients and customers, and a new way of creating a good business relationship; of course nothing can work better than colorful wristbands that make sure your purpose of gifting is fulfilled! Print graphic images, add your brand name or Logo that’s totally up to you how you want to customize it. It will be a success, no matter what.

So these are the few most on-trend event oriented corporate gifts that you can try on to put a smile on your clients or customers face and gain business loyalty and a good corporate relationship. And to guide you more, Tanushh is always there for you as your helping hand for event promotion, that can supply you with all the corporate gifts that can also be customizable and personalized. The dominating corporate gifting and customized giveaways company is always the gift guide that you can trust upon anytime. So order your gifts hassle-free and brighten up your business bond.