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A business ambiance is never complete without Office supplies and stationeries. And what’s best than getting an opportunity to offer office stationeries and supplies as a corporate gifting! As we all know, corporate gifting process is not only a formal gesture of respect to the people associated with the businesses, but it also helps retain business loyalty and a healthy corporate relationship. Furthermore, it also does the job of marketing your company or brand and making a good recognition among the masses.

A simple and functional gift like Office stationeries can work just perfect to fulfill the aforementioned. Though office stationeries are available pretty much at every corner of the market; it’s hard to find pieces of good quality and in bulk quantities that have also the options to be customized and personalized. To name a few, Tanushh tops the list as one of the leading corporate gifting and customized giveaways company located in Dubai. It has tons of great options to choose from, which provides bulk order along with customization and personalization of gifts.

Office stationeries are always a useful gift and anyone will be thankful if provided with the stuff that one needs in his or her workplace on a daily basis.

However, some of them can be unique gift ideas among the stationery items:

Notebooks and Notepads:

Notepads and notebooks are among the everyday essentials in your business. It keeps track of your every business needs and therefore the modern day notebooks are fitted with essential tools such as pen holder, mobile holder, power banks, mobile pouches and much more so that one can carry all the work essentials at one go! Moreover, the covers and pages can be customized if required. It’s an essential business tool that’s also can be used to promote your business.

Diaries and Organizers:

Professional diaries and organizers are a must to carry in your everyday work schedules as it pens down all your business dates, events, important notes and scribbles you do at your work. Receiving diaries and organizers as a corporate gifting can make any employees or person-at-work happy to the core. And if you insert your company name or logo on to it tactfully, then it’s an add-on to your business as the person is going to recall your organization’s name whenever he or she makes use of the gifted diary.

Conference Folder:

The most functional gift one can ever receive for his or her workplace is nothing but a conference folder. Anyone can take their conference, business meeting essentials at just one go. At Tanushh, you will get conference folders of different design with more organizers equipped inside.

Digital Clock Equipped Pen Holders:

The modern desk and office supplies are made more technologically infused, which makes double efficiency and usability out of a single appliance. Works as a pen holder with manual or digital clock display on the front makes sure you are aware and alert of the time. No corporate gift could be as good and serviceable as a digital clock equipped pen holder. It will be a great pleasure for clients or employees to be gifted this useful present.


If you are planning something unusual to be gifted to the clients, employees or customers apart from the same usual pens and pencils, then highlighters can be a good choice. It’s that one thing that most people can’t find on their desk especially when they need the most! Surprise them with the unique yet useful gift and watch them put to work instantly!

These are the unique, functional and most useful Office stationeries that can be offered as a corporate gift item to anyone associated with your business, employees and even to the customers. Buy colorful, high-end, beautifully and professionally designed Office supplies in bulk from Tanushh, the most popular and trustworthy corporate gifting and customized giveaways company in Dubai that helps their clients in product launch, events, occasion gifting and aids in retaining customer recognition and building a better business bond.

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