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Buyer’s Guide to Corporate Gifts for Women


On the contact list of your business associates and clients, you will find a good number of women. It is no more a surprise for anybody if the company is headed by a woman boss, or if the business is run by a woman. As someone who wants to pick up corporate gifts for your clients and business associates, you should consider the possibility that the recipient is a woman. And when that happens, you need to be careful about what you buy.

So here’s the buyer’s guide to buying corporate gifts for women.

For starters, you need to understand that women in positions of power don’t necessarily like being dumped with gifts for promotional purposes. For many, it affects their sensibilities and they feel that they are being asked for a favour out of turn. In order to dispel these negative connotations, you need to carefully wrap and present your corporate gift with a unique personal touch. The wrapping and boxing of the gifts have to be elegant and stylish. Additionally, you need to put in a personal message, preferably a hand-written note. It shows that you are not sending these corporate gifts by the dozen and you really value the business relationship you share.

Secondly, corporate gifts usually come with a lot of branding. The common method is to stencil the brand’s name across gifts to ensure that the recipient knows and recalls the name of your brand. However, there are times when the receiver goes a little overboard! As a result, the branding and using the brand’s logo becomes a little too much, to the point of making the gifts look ugly.
You cannot do that with corporate gifts intended for women. Keep the branding subtle and understated. That is more likely to make an impression. Otherwise, the gift will head to somewhere beyond the sight of the woman recipient, defeating your purpose of offering the gift in the first place.

Finally, pick up something super cool. Like the corporate gifts from the house of Tanushh. Subtle and innovative gifts, like a neck pillow or polyester sleeping shade mask for women high fliers, are excellent gift ideas. Give something that women will like owning and that will help your brand like nothing else.

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