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Fitness Promotional Items and Giveaways

If you are looking for fitness related promotional items that can help you promote your business, or help you find more customers, we have amassed a big list.

Fitness Promotional Items

Fitness Promotional Items

If you are looking for fitness promotional items that can help you promote your business, or help you find more customers, we have amassed a big list.

Without further ado, let us begin:

Fitness Promotional Items

If you are a fitness company, or just a local business that sells fitness equipment, here are some enticing and affordable advertising gifts that you would want to giveaway to potential customers, in return for their loyalty. Giveaways are a really good idea if you are looking to get your online presence going too. There are websites that will help you host fitness giveaways, but we won’t be discussing them. Let’s discuss the fitness promos and giveaways that you will need if you want to expand your business:


Dumb-bells are a great gift for a body builder, or even someone who is interested in becoming one. Dumb-bells are one of the universal constants in all body building gyms, and every good fitness expert suggests using a dumb-bell for exercising purposes. You can find dumb-bells of all sizes and types. Since they are available in many sizes, you can easily find a couple for cheap and use them as fitness gifts.

Curling Rods

Curling Rods have become the next staple of biceps focused body building. Curling Rods are available in different shapes and are used for exercises that involve rotation. Since the bicep can only be activated via rotation, most bicep exercises use curling rods for better growth. In the recent years, curling rods may have changed in shape, but their purpose remains the same. You can find a plastic or a steel curling rod and have your fitness brand’s name imprinted on it for cheap.

Water Bottle

The best way to help your customer into the fitness regime is to give them something they will use regularly. A water bottle that can clean itself or a water bottle that is designed to last a beating is a good idea. Plus, you can always imprint your own company’s logo on the water bottle and it will make for a good advertisement. Water bottles are both cheap, and readily available so you can’t go wrong with this item as a promotional product for fitness.

Yoga Mattress

A yoga mattress is a very good idea for fitness professional gifts as almost everyone needs a yoga mattress. This item is not only limited to women, but men sometimes like to yoga too. A yoga mattress doesn’t cost a lot, and can be used as a good advertising promotional product too.

You can download our gifts catalog to look at the best products at affordable rates.

Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are a great idea and look like a good promotional product too, if you want people to stick to the gym. Many people skip hitting the gym because they think that they will have to invest in a lot of goods before they can start exercising. If you think that the sports shoes are expensive, you can add them as a free option while a customer is buying something expensive like supplements or equipment.

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Promotional Items and Giveaways

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