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Executive Summary

We are corporate gifting company helping our customers providing range of corporate gifts to support their business and marketing activities towards their customers and employees.

We offer wide range of products and services to help client including product launch, trade promotion, events, occasion gifting and customer recognition during new business.

We combine our expertise on new products ideas, customization, branding, printing to offer holistic solution in any kind of business and marketing requirements.

About Corporate Gift Industry

Corporate Gift is widely popular in companies developing B2B relationship, raising brand awareness, maintain customer loyalty, improve perception and generate business in the process.

Corporate Gift is cost effective and dependable way to offer competitive advantage and retain loyalty with your customers. Since this is being personalized, it offer direct connection, informal relationship and offer gratitude towards client relationship.

Target Customers

Our customers varies from hospitality, pharma, real estate, insurance, telecom, event companies, FMCG, industrial goods and value added services company as all sectors are looking forward to offer brand value to their customers. All these sectors have large numbers of trade customers on which their entire business thrives. They are looking for unique, cost effective way of gift and promotion products to help retain / expand their business where they can achieve high brand recall value as well as gift which delights customer experience.

Tanushh Offerings

We specialize in tech products along with wide range of non tech products such as executive gifts, desk products, customized gift sets, writing instruments, occasion gifts and event related products. We also provide different printing such as UV, screen printing, engraving, epoxy which helps to customize appropriate printing depending on customers logo, design, product material and quality of work required.

We are also developing industry wise and theme based gifts such as Gift for handover of new car, new home, new office in automobile, real estate and business centers.

We do customized products where electronics products like speaker or powerbanks are made in any shape such as airline, tyre, truck as example to cater to represent the client business. They are branded and packaged as per client marketing guidelines enabling very high brand recall value.

We do occasion gifts for Ramadam, Diwali, Christmas, new year for our corporate customers.

We offer the –

Our Positioning

We would like to be positioned ourselves as premium gifting companies providing high quality products, services, customization opportunities and become preferred vendor for our target customers. We would like to have rich quality content and visuals across all touchpoints to reinforce this position and attract high end clients and MNC to work with us.

We offer marketing consultancy in gifting vs trading approach where we believe to offer emotional rather promotion products and become extension of marketing.


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