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Difference between Corporate and Promotional Gifts

As the best corporate gifting solution provider in Dubai, we at Tanushh come across hundreds of customers every day. Through our interactions with them and by answering their queries, we have noted that there is some degree of confusion in the delineating between corporate and promotional gifts. The similarity between the two is so pronounced that one is confused for the other and vice versa. In this post, we are outlining the pointers which will help you differentiate between the two when you want to buy corporate gifts online.

Corporate gifts are primarily meant for your loyal and trustworthy clientele. These are for professional contacts who have long-standing business associations with you and your brand. These gifts can also be meant for potential clients who will add a lot of value to your business. As is evident, these corporate gifts are meant for a select few. That is why the monetary value of these gifts is high. Because these gifts will be a sort of representative for your brand and company, you have to be particularly careful while selecting corporate gifts. You cannot pick something petty or trivial!

Promotional gifts, on the other hand, are meant for everyone. You can hand them over to enthusiasts of your brand during trade shows, events or seminars. The purpose of these promotional gifts is to promote your brand through specially branded gifts. By branded we mean that the name of your brand should be evident on the items. Promotional gifts are handed out en masse so you can obviously understand that these gifts are not of high price tags. Here your goal is not to impress the recipient but to reach out to as many recipients as you possibly can.

Within the construct of these accepted ideas of corporate and promotional gifts, you have to be creative and innovative. If you can pick items which are striking, they will make a favourable impression about your brand. That is where Tanushh comes in! We have exclusive corporate gifts available online for your esteemed clientele. We also have a wide assortment of items that can work wonders as promotional gifts. Whether it is a high-value purchase of corporate gifts or the more popular choice of promotional gifts, we have the right items on our online store at tanushh.com


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