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College & University - Promotional Items and Giveaways

If you are looking for college and university related promotional items that can help you promote your business, or help you find more customers, we have amassed a big list.

College Promotional Items

College & University Promotional Items

If you are looking for college promotional items that can help you promote your business, or help you find more potential students from all over the globe, we have garnered a nice, tidy list.

Before we divert ourselves any further, let us begin:

College Promotional Items

If you are an aspiring college, or just a local school that is looking to be upgraded to the level of college soon, here are some enticing and affordable advertising gifts that you would want to giveaway to potential students and their parents, to make them want to choose your college for their future. Giveaways are a really good idea if you are looking to increase your online presence or just marking your territory online. There are websites that will help you host giveaways, but we won’t be discussing them. Let’s discuss the advertising promos and giveaways that you will need if you want to expand your education system reach to the masses:

T Shirts

T shirts are probably the most common item in any college.  T Shirts make this college promotional items list because it has a lot of potential. This college gift is a great idea and doesn’t cost as much as other marketing tactics out there. You just mass-produce T shirts with your brand on it and then give it to students or parents in your area. You don’t even have to give these out for free. If you are confident with your design, you can even sell them in the college’s own shops.


Pens are a universally good idea, no matter what it may be. Pens are good if you are looking for college giveaways that can be used on a majority basis. Pens are also a good idea because they can be sold on a very large margin if they are custom-made. College giveaways with custom pens included have recently become popular as well.

Goodies Bag

A goodies bag or a swag bag is really nice idea that has a lot of potential as a college corporate gift. A goodies bag can contain any thing you can’t sell: whether it be defective T shirts or low-quality pens. You can also include a college manual inside this college promo because everyone loves a free goodie bag, no matter what is inside it.

You can also buy a lot of random stuff from our downloadable gifts catalog and then add that into your goodies bag for an effort-free job.

College manual

Many colleges prefer selling their manuals, but if you decide to use your manual as a promotional product for college, it might become a successful marketing campaign. A manual contains everything that you might need to make it into the big leagues without having to spend tons of money into marketing.

You can download our gifts catalog to look at our plans and check if we support your college manuals.

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Promotional Items and Giveaways

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