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SNUGGLY RASCALS Ultra-Comfortable & Size Adjustable Headphones for Kids POLAR BEAR Christmas Edition

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Made with a high quality, super soft fleece and ultra-flat speakers, Snuggly Rascals are extra-comfortable headphones for kids.
Snuggly Rascals headphones connect to the majority of audio devices, tablets and computers utilising a standard 3.5mm audio jack connection.
Snuggly Rascals donate 10% of profits to various children’s charities.

Ultra-comfortable; Snuggly soft fleece fabric encloses adjustable flat speakers
Machine Washable; Remove the speakers and wash the headband at normal temperatures
Volume Limited; Maximum of 85 decibels to protect hearing
Size Adjustable; Large, soft velcro closing enables a snug fit for any size of kid’s head
Perfect for Travel; Comfy to use on short or long haul travel

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